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Lighting / Compositing Reel

“Pat joined our animation team right out of school, but as an entry level employee he was immediately able to compete with the senior animators on our team and in many cases was able to excel beyond the talents of other veterans. Pat also has a broad knowledge of the animation pipeline and has aided in all aspects of production from story development, though rigging, to animation, lighting and rendering. His broad knowledge base has ensured our teams success on many levels. As the animation lead, I have greatly enjoyed having Pat on my team. He is not only talented in his field, but dedicated, spending many long hours above and beyond the call of duty. Striving to give a high quality product on time. This is only enhanced by his happy, positive attitude. I whole heartedly give Pat Carver my stamp of approval.”

- Nathan Riddle (Lead Animator, Smart Bomb Interactive)  November 16, 2009

“I've worked with Pat (aka: Patty Cakes) for the past few years, developing Snoopy Flying Ace and Sky Legends. He is a great animator and friend and is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked. It has been a real pleasure working with him and hope to continue on our adventures in both personal and work projects.” 

- Preston Whitney (Sr Design / Lead Scripter, Smart Bomb Interactive)  August 11, 2011

Pat has been an invaluable asset to our Sky Legends art team. Pat is a dedicated and hard working. His attitude is always positive and upbeat and always does his best, even on difficult assignments. I highly recommend Pat for an animation post.”

- Mark Jarman (Art Director Sky Legends, Smart Bomb Interactive)  August 15, 2011


“It has been a privilege working with Pat. He is an incredibly talented animator that you can count on to deliver polished work above and beyond your expectations. In addition to Pat's animation talents he has superior knowledge regarding sound design and music theory and it's relation to animation, cinematics and trailers. He understands how critical pacing, instrumentation, mood and tone work hand in hand with animations to enhance the viewer and listeners experience. Pat has consistently contributed brilliant aural suggestions improving the audio while simultaneously complimenting the animation. I will miss working with Pat. He has the friendliest personality and is a genuine asset to any studio lucky enough to have him.”

- Joshua Olmos (Audio Director at Smart Bomb Interactive )  August 12, 2011

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